Who and Why


Eblana Toastmasters is a welcoming and friendly place where
you can come to practice your public speaking.  The club is comprised of
people with varying levels of communication skills from beginner to
distinguished toast master. Club members work to make Eblana a vibrant and
lively club, with plenty a heated debate and interesting
discussion.   While there are several Toastmasters clubs in Dublin
Eblana values inclusivity and prides itself on the effort it makes to ensure
all new guests and members have a positive experience.

Toastmasters is for anyone who wants to improve their public
speaking. Many people come initially to Toastmasters spurred by an impending
best mans speech or a new job involving presentations. After the initial
fearful few sessions most members begin to enjoy and even look forward to
meetings and public speaking.

Have you ever wanted to feel confident speaking in
public?  Be it a speech at a family event, a presentation in work or
asking a question at a conference Toastmasters will provide you with the tips
and experience you need to become a relaxed and fearless public communicator.