Make Toastmasters Your New Year’s Resolution

Are you required to deliver a presentation at work or at college?  Are you due to deliver a speech at an upcoming family event or wedding?

Does the thought of this reduce you to a nervous wreck and detract from the excitement and joy you should be feeling at an important milestone in your career or your life?

Are you tired of being afraid of public speaking?

Maybe you are already a competent public speaker but would like to find somewhere to polish your skills.

Either way, it is time to make joining Toastmasters your new year’s resolution.

Since it was formed in 1924, Toastmasters has helped millions of people overcome their fears of public speaking and to become better speakers, listeners and leaders.  Toastmasters is a place to practice public speaking without any fear of failure.  It is an experiential learning environment where you learn at your own pace and where nobody fails a project.  You gain confidence through Toastmasters and take it with you whenever you are required to speak in public.

Eblana Toastmasters meets in the historic and wonderfully atmospheric Freemasons hall on Molesworth St in the centre of Dublin.  A typical meeting lasts two hours and is attended by around twenty to thirty members and guests.  In the first half of the meeting, we have a round of table topics (where volunteers make a short impromptu speech of up to 2 minutes on a topic chosen at random by the evening’s Topicsmaster).  We then take a 10 minute interval where you can mingle and chat with members and guests.  In the second half of the meeting, three different speakers deliver prepared speeches of between 5 – 10 minutes duration.

Why not check out an Eblana Toastmasters meeting as a guest?  There is no admission charge.  You will not be asked to speak at a meeting; you can just sit in the audience and listen.  If you feel like answering a table topic, be our … ahem, guest.

After coming to Eblana Toastmasters for a few weeks and seeing what a positive, fun and supportive environment it is, you will be bursting to get speaking.  Yes, you will be nervous, but then so are most of us.  In fact, the nerves never truly go away and nor should they; without the adrenaline, you wouldn’t perform at your best.  The good news is that the nerves do lessen considerably the more times you practice public speaking and you also learn ways of coping with any nerves that remain.

You begin to see that nobody fails in Toastmasters.  Whether your response to a table topic lasts only ten seconds; whether you stumble through a speech or whether you lose your train of thought; nobody minds; we have all been there and we are all engaged in a process of learning by doing.

When you speak at a meeting, the warm glow you feel upon hearing the applause of the audience becomes like an addiction.  Slowly but surely, the fear you used to feel at public speaking is replaced by exhilaration.  You grow in self-confidence and you begin to love the energy of a Toastmasters meeting where people are moving outside their comfort zone and striving to become better than they already are.  When this happens, your new year’s resolution will have become a new year’s revolution.

We hope to see you soon.

Happy New Year,

Eblana Toastmasters

Eblana Toastmasters meets in the Freemasons Hall on Molesworth Street on the first and third Thursdays of the month, September to May, from 7.45 to 9.45pm.

Email us at if you have any questions or wish to join.